How to encourage your child to read more

What are some ways to encourage young readers?

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The most important thing to keep in mind is that reading should be pleasurable. The activities listed below can help you inspire your child’s interest in reading. Growing up, I just loved reading because every day after my dad came home, he would read the entire newspaper and I would always take the comics section to read. It was fun to do and it encouraged me in my reading and made it fun.

  • Before your child learns to read, have a conversation with him.
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Talking with your child before he talks will aid in the acquisition of crucial language skills. Most children require good oral language skills to develop as readers and writers. You can talk about your everyday activities, what he sees and does, his environment, the sizes of objects, the forms of signs, and so on, using short, simple words.

  • Read to and with your child at least 30 minutes each day.
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Your child will become more conscious of reading conventions (left to right, top to bottom), and even the youngest children will develop vocabulary. As you read, run your index finger beneath the print to help your youngster notice that printed words have meaning. You can gradually ask her to recognize letters and sounds.

  • Sing songs and recite poems and rhymes that have repetitive sounds.
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It’s easier for your youngster to pick up on the patterns in the sounds you produce if you repeat them. Movement songs for kids are always popular, especially when they have actions. They are highly enjoyable and educational at the same time. For instance, I’m a Little Teapot – I’m a little teapot, short and stout (act out being a teapot shape).

  • Model good reading habits.
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Allow your child to witness you reading maps, novels, recipes, and directions to help him comprehend the importance of reading. As a free-time pastime, I suggest reading. Keep books that your child is interested in in a convenient location for him to access. Additionally, repeating the signs you see while on the road is a great way for the child to know that reading is fun and something that they do with their parents in the car.

  • Visit your local library
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You may also sign your child up for preschool story time and let her choose some books to take home while you’re there. The library has a magnitude of all the types of books that are available and activities for preschoolers that would make reading fundamental.

In Summary

To help your child thrive in school, make sure he or she enters with a strong foundation in language and literacy-related skills, as well as a desire to learn to read.

Your child will continue learning to read in the early elementary years, from first to third grade, which is a complex process that is challenging for some and easy for others. During these years, be careful not to overemphasize the process of learning to read while encouraging your child to read frequently.

Reading for enjoyment and interest will aid in the development of reading abilities and provide opportunities for your child to practice these skills in meaningful ways.


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